Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 3 & Day 4

Day. 3 Cool morning and breezy. Awake to the 1st full day of my 9th trek to Sturgis. Set up camp with Dave and Steve from Utah. We spent the day in Sturgis and Rapid city Harley Davidson, then an evening by the camp fire. Day 4 Sunday a day of rest. Helped Steve and Dave break camp, I am spending a quiet day at the campsite, reading and solving world problems. It is crazy how this view of nature clears ones perspective. Getting the bike ready for a full day tomorrow. Camp food today, dave and Steve left a cooler, and I have enough food for the entire day and snacks tomorrow. Found a potential paint scheme for old blu, Dr.Jane and now Mel wish me to get it painted. I now am planning on Leaving a day early, after a day off i will be ready to get back aboard the beast.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Arrival Sturgis 2012

Day 2 The sun came up as I was 40 min up route 2 headed toward the Nebraska national forest. Needed a sweater and was still cool. Unbelievable change from the 100's of yesterday. As I write these words I really need a sweat shirt. Spectacular ride on Nebraska's sand mound trail, then north via chadran. It was calm and 90 as I passed the road to mt Rushmore. Then, as i hit the Rapid City incorporated sign, typical Sturgis , a front came thru, temp dropped 20 degrees and 30 mph wind. Man, the last 30 miles were a challenge. All in all a great 425 miles or so. After a stop at Walgreens, pulled into Wyatts at 2 pm. Nap, shower, and general relaxation. Now for the important stuff, my friends Kent and Marta are asking for prayer. Marta received a serious cancer diagnosis. Please join me in praying for Marta, she will be listed on the prayer page. We are petitioning for a healing miracle. Thank you for your prayer on her behalf. Sidecar

Mission 2012 The Grand Loop

Day 1 return to the road 2012 has been an unbelievable journey. Health challenges have kept me grounded for essentially 6 months. Now recovered, after much prayer and discussion, it was determined that I was up to this 5000 outing. So after a sleepless night, I was kick stands up at 5:30 am. My night vision is still a little challenging, but the daylight broke just after I crossed the Red River. It was like breaking in a new bike, as I have not ridden a loaded bike for 10 months. Thanks to Trip, my equipment is performing as designed. And I was surprisingly comfortable with all aspects of the ride. I started feeling free about the time for my second gas stop at the Kansas border. I started giving tracts out at gas stops, again something I have not participated in for many months, and I realized how much ministry I have been missing out on. Through Wichita, the weather broke and I looked to the sky and prayed" thank you Lord for protection from other motorists and the elements, I know you have the showers to cool things off for me, Thank you Jesus". I received just a few droplets on the windshield, and the moisture kept temps pretty much below 100 all day, in fact, it was in the 80's around noon. Tim told me it was well over 100 in Kansas yesterday, 10-15 d cooler today for my ride. Luck or blessing , you know my pick-Blessing! 4 gas stops and I made it to Grand Island by 4pm. Tomorrow is a big day, ending at Wyatt's ! Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The final day of the mission

The desk clerk started out our day on a good foot, he put out the cereal early so we could eat and be on the road by 6:30, about 40 minutes before sunrise. Doc and I blasted through the first two tanks of gas. Leaving Nebraska, we were in and out of Kansas quickly and Oklahoma was a blur. I always expect problems in OKC on Sundays as this has been my experience, but today God spared us any issues, and it was a smooth run home. Again, we were able to hand out some material thus allowing us to participate in the tract ministry every one of the 14 days. Home for a Christina's dinner and wow.......more reflections to follow

On the road again

My new mustang seat helped make this a good day in the saddle. The old Corbin fit my old body, but in this new temple Ggod has granted me, II clearly fit better in the new Mustang. This is the first time I have not had a stabbing back pain on this ride. I really love the ride from Sturgis to Grand Island. There are a couple of good routes and both are relaxing. As is my practice, i was able to pass out a couple of tracts in the course of the day. Riding with Guy is always a gas and we had the added pleasure of being with Rick and Stella. Dock came up from Dallas to meet us for dinner, so we had a bikerchaplain reunion of sorts the last night out at the local steak house, the only night I ate steak on this trip. Tomorrow will be a hot one.

To God be the glory

The Final day of Sturgis

I can't loose the camp analogies, but it was like the last day of camp. After church we packed up the sound equipment and said some early good bye's to folks leaving out. The day was most excellent and the ride to Deadwood was perfect. Then on to Sturgis for dinner and another concert and tract/bible distribution. I had several great discussions and handed out a reasonable number of tracts. Rode back to camp with a new friend from Western Missouri. The packing has begun, everything goes back on the bike for the 1150 mile journey home. It is my prayer that all my notes will help keep the number of God's truths revealed over the course of these days, fresh in my mind.

Praise God for His Grace

Friday, August 12, 2011

Downtown Strugis

Clearly this is experience for me is church camp-esk. Pastor G from Daytona preached yesterday and he encouraged us to wear the armor of God. Eric turner's music is spectacular, I have been a fan since I first heard him last year at lake irvine. With rain in the area, it was a short ride through Spearfish canyon. The full throttle band played in downtown sturgis and yes I actually went downtown at night. That was a first, we handed out tracts and listened to the band. God was good, as the storm front skirted
Us and I stayed dry all the way back to camp. Tomorrow is the last day of this, I have already received a notice that work has produced issues in my absence. We will have a crazy week next week, but for now am attempting to focus on the ride and mission. I hope to savor tomorrow.

To God be the glory.